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5 Simple yet effective ways to best utilise online SMS marketing to grow your Business - Zencer SMS

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5 Simple yet effective ways to best utilise online SMS marketing to grow your Business

For the majority of Australians, their mobile phones are a must. They are the first things we look for before leaving the house even before our keys and we forget our wallet more than we do our phones. 84 Percent of Australians own a smartphone.

1. Promote an Opt-In across your media platforms

  • Social Media (Facebook) Add the “Mobile Number” option to your Facebook Sign up and Opt-in button for them to sign on to your SMS.
  • POS (Point-Of-Sale). Have your employees actively asking customers to opt-in for SMS promotions and sales
  • Be sure to input a sms opt-in form on your website or have a pop-up prompting them to sign up for SMS promotions from your business.

2. Customer Feedback

  • SMS marketing can not only be used for marketing and advertising but for informative feedback. You can send a message to your customers asking for feedback on what you can improve or enjoy about your business. This will give your customers the feeling of being a part of your business and will provide a sense of belonging.

3. Loyalty Program’s

  • As time goes by your business will start to acquire regulars (If your offer good customer service) who frequently visit your business. By noticing and acknowledging these loyal customers will give you a good foundation even when times are slow. Create a loyalty program for such clients by sending them discounted prices or VIP events such as Christmas parties or. They will appreciate the sentiment and through this your business can get some free and effective WOM (Word Of Mouth) through the process.

4. Discount Coupons

  • This can be an extremely popular and successful way to increase awareness of your business and invite new potential customers. You can send existing and potential clients discounts which will entice them to visit your business to use such discounts.

Be sure to only send these discounts to your SMS list only, this will make them feel special and privileged.

This is also effective to use when business is slow as it will draw potential customers in.

5. Targeted Irresistible Offers.

  • Is your message relevant?

SMS marketing allows you to segregate your lists into categories to target certain people with specific messages tailored towards them.

This allows you to create ‘irresistible’ offers to specific segments of your  SMS list such as there demographic or location.

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